MindYourBusyNess: Waiting for someone else?

Waiting for someone else?


After 20 days of the launch of the first phase of covid-19 vaccination, the target numbers are too far from the number of people actually vaccinated. The poor response of Indians is a cause of worry for the world’s biggest vaccination drive. The probable cause of the slow start of this ambitious program of Government of India are many.

There is a general lack of faith in Government schemes in India. The possibility of a reaction or adverse health affect is a major deterrent in this scheme. Perhaps everyone is waiting for someone else to take the vaccine and very less volunteers are coming forward. The program is being implemented in great hurry & despite Governments claim, the general impression is most of people believe that the initial phase of the program is an extended trial phase and do not want to become the scapegoat. The glitches in Co-win app are also being told as speed breakers for the program. In spite of vaccination being done free of cost, there are reservation in the mind of people.

If you are a health worker and not volunteered form the vaccination till now, come out of indecision and help the Government to

successfully implement worlds largest vaccine program.

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