MindYourBusyNess: November 2020

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Blissfully Ignorant

In the morning, I often see two people walking from a place to other, almost in the same time, from my balcony. Both of them do the same activity at the same time as a ritual. Since both are adults, they must be doing this act as a choice after a decision-making process. But do they enjoy this act at the same level? Does it mean the same thing for both of them? To find the answer to these questions, let me give you some more description about the profiles of each of these. One of them is a wealthy lady, ‘Ms. Debit’ who does this ritual as ‘morning walk’. She is doing it as an exercise to keep in fit shape. Moreover, she prefers to enjoy the fresh air & open environment before beginning her busy daily routine. The other person is a factory worker, ‘Mr. Credit’. He has to walk the same path, as he cannot afford to pay for the taxi fare to his office from his merger earning. He is the only earning member in his family having six members. Now try to answer the questions asked. Does the act of walking the same distance at the same time means same to both of them? The air, the temperature, the road and everything around is same at any given time for both of these people. But they feel it differently. In fact, it means opposite to them. What is making the difference here is their financial status. While the wealthy lady is enjoying the act due to her financial freedom, the factory labor is doing it in compulsion to earn his bread & support his family. The lady can stop or terminate her walk anytime & call her car to go to somewhere else, but the laborer does not have such luxury. In fact, it is not in finical level, but in all other aspects, most of us live our lives like that. Very few have the luxury like the lady and most people do their ritual out of compulsions as the laborer. Our freedom is restricted by our mental compulsions. Most of these stems from the commitments already taken at some point of time in our lives and our hesitation to come out of it. But most dangerous compulsions are our default actions which are the result of our habit patterns formed by repeatedly doing some actions / rituals. In todays, system / machines driven lives, most of our actions are performed by default and we fly on ‘auto piolet mode’. ‘No decision’ or inability / compulsion to ‘carry on same way’ is also a decision. This way, we become slaves to our habits which are the actions performed through our unconscious mind and we are not even aware of these. If we are struck in such a situation, ‘moving fast to get some free time’ can help up to a point only. In fact, compelling your body to move faster than its capabilities, you may harm your health. Knowing your limitations and moving with your optimum speed is the solution in such a case. The optimum speed is ‘not too fast / not too slow & it lets you enjoy the process of move. How do we know our optimum speed? The answer is ‘listen to your body’. Your body gives you the signals of fatigue & our mind (commonsense) tell us when to stop speeding. But alas, with ‘fast moving lifestyle in the complexities of modern life’, we tend to ignore the signals emerging from our mind / body. We are blissfully ignorant about the free advice from our best fried (our body / mind). Those who understand it, live an ‘awakened life’ and enjoy every movement of it.