MindYourBusyNess: May 2020

#Replace Lockdown with ‘Self Imposed Discipline’ (SID)

The corona pandemic has suddenly increased our vocabulary with new terms like ‘COVID 19’, ‘PPE’, ‘Social distancing’ etc. One such term is ‘lock-down’.

Propagated through western media, this term was coined by busyness mind-set of people for an action taken to stop or cut down all non-essential activities & movements. In business world, putting a lock or stop on production activity causing the downtrend of production is known as lock down and often used by labor unions to show off their powers.

But we Indians have a different mindset /prospective towards life & doing business. We always take a disciplined approach for our activities. If we become careless in this regard, an external agency like Government, Family, Society or Employer forces us to ‘keep in order’. ‘Brahmchary(a) or self-discipline is one of the five basic principles of yog(a). Our concept of health is ‘swasthy (स्वास्थ्य) meaning situated within self (स्वयं में स्तिथ हो जाना) in contrast to the ‘absence of any disease’ definition of western world. And food itself is the medicine according to Ayurved(a).

In our context, it will be mindful to replace the term Lock down with ‘Self Imposed Discipline’ which will be meaningful & motivating.

I appeal the Government of India to consider this suggestion for use of this new world in all communications. Please join me in this effort.