MindYourBusyNess: The game changer

The game changer

Undoubtedly, mankind will survive corona pandemic also, as it has done several times in past (after paying a prize each time, of course). There are generally ‘Food for thoughts’ & ‘lessons to be learnt’ analysis after each calamity.

But today's technology enabled global village, we can preempt this exercise of analysis as enough data is available. No, it’s not a waste of time , as most of us have plenty of time at our disposal now. Rather than worrying unnecessarily, we can focus our mind for this exercise. I have done such and effort and sharing it in this article.

Our lives before and after the corona episode will never be the same again. Nor the way, we conduct business or pleasure. Here are some highlights-

self-imposed discipline

Most of us have been taking our freedom for granted. By ‘discipline’, we generally meant something being practice by army or uniformed forces not by ordinary citizen. We tend to neglect the basic rules and become sincere only by application with force. This approach will change now. The ‘self imposed discipline’ will be the mantra for survival for the new generation.

Dealing with invisible entities

With corona, we will be learnt to deal effectively with invisible, intangible entities. Corona is a nano meter sized virus, a dead entity of protein particles which can survive in human body with the help of living cells. We cannot see or touch it, yet it is a bitter reality of modern age. If we ignore it, it may cost us our lives and the lives of others also. There are many intangible entities in our lives which were being neglected just because invisible to our eyes. We will learn to handle such entities more effectively be it electromagnetic radiations, our feelings or wireless communication and chemical reactions. 

Need analysis

Technological advancements, massive built up of infrastructure, liberal framework of law, converting tourism/travel/healthcare as big industries and aggressive marketing of every product had resulted in making people across the globe to go on mad purchase /travel spree. The time-tested wisdom of need analysis before any acquisition or movement was forgotten. Now, this will come into foreground from background because people have started feeling the difference between their basic & cosmetics needs.

Crowd based business

Crowded places were the natural choice for marketing & sale for products and accordingly business contracts were written based on footfalls. But that business rules/algorithms will have to be rewritten. Because people have learnt to maintain a physical distance /space between each other and they will let go the monetary benefits to maintain a personal space around them. Travel will be business class heavy, business meetings will be mostly ‘on line’ rather physical and places of worship & tourism will be designed accordingly (not to pack them on confined space but maintain their space).

Local Vs Global business

Distributed business setup to meet the local demands will be the first priority over centralized export-based business establishments. Byers will also prefer locally made products over imported products. Headquarters will become thin in terms of people and heavy in terms of data.

Public distribution

The public distribution system will improve to become more transparent and prompter. Governments will have to work overtime to maintain updated records of people and their demand. The calculations will be based on mathematical models and data mining of  demand patterns.

Place of work

Work from home will be the default norms of most of the business. People will prefer less commuting time for place of work even with lesser salary package. Self-sustained residential complexes with integrated basic amenities including farming and annexed ‘office set up’ will be designed. Cities will be made self-contained to sustain long periods of isolation.

 Traditional weapons will become obsolete very soon. We have already entered the age of chemical. Biological & electronic warfare. New weapons of mass destruction and psychological war will emerge. The stage is setup for third world war.

Living consciously

We live by defaults. Our mind works on program or logical script which is executed dynamically with the available input values provided to it. In the eventuality of we failing to supply the input parameters, our mind takes the predefined defaults values as input values. This way we can put the mind to autopilot mode and relax. It is a convenient and economical way of doing things.
These default values are developed through our habit patterns which may have roots in our culture, environment around us, governing rules of the law, accepted practices of doing the things in the society, our whims or inclinations/preferences.
But the problem is that gradually we become slave to our habits. We give a ‘power of attorney’ to our mind and slip into unconscious and isolated state. The changes around us are still happening but these are being download in background. The foreground is busy in playing the past recording or speculating the future event.

Living consciously is difficult. It is dealing with uncertainties of life on real time basis. It is like taking risks and becoming entrepreneur. This is beautifully explained by Ekhart in his best seller book, ‘The power of now’.

All spiritual communication or process of meditation are designed to take us to this state. But these are mere indicator. You can lead the horse to water but the horse has to drink it. Similarly, your spiritual guru can indicate you the way to NIRVANA but s(he) cannot live your life. you have to do so.

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