MindYourBusyNess: March 2020

Just wait & watch

Thousands of years ago, when the civilization was in primitive stage and hunting was our only occupation, the confusing question in the mind of everyone at the time of seeing a wild animal was, ‘Is this a source of protein a food for me? or will this creature will eat me as a food for its nourishment?  This difficult and confusing question demanded to be answered in split seconds to survive and evolve.
Gradually, we learnt the capabilities of animals and treated each one of them accordingly. Hen, goat, buffaloes etc were tamed and allowed to grow to serve as food apart from the plant-based grains, fruits and vegetables etc. The dangerous animals like tiger and elephants etc were forced to eliminate and restricted to thick jungles away from civilization. These animals are so rare that the next generation will perhaps see these movies only.
From there our journey of evolution have been impressive. We have built super computers, atom bomb and robots. But now, suddenly an invisible animal of nanometers size (corona virus) have come to destroy the mankind and growing rapidly using human body as a host.
It has restricted our move within our houses. This isolation has deprived us from socializing and hugging each other. It has also deprived us of using the facilities created by us for rapid movement.
But we have to use some food item to survive. Bur now a days when we see a food item, the same old question hounds us. ‘will this source of protein nourish our body?’ or ‘Does this item contains invisible corona virus with protein which will become the cause of our death?’
We are a smart race. It is a matter of time, when we will be able to solve this problem also and tame this animal.
How much time?
Just wait & watch.

The Corona effect

The present time is very special and we are in a very crucial phase of our history. We are fighting World War 3 now. It has already taken more than eleven thousand lives. But this time, it is different from previous world wars on many accounts.

Firstly, the entire globe is involved. There is no choice left to any country which it can exercise about going to war or not. You have to fight for the survival of your people.

Secondly, we are fighting an invisible enemy. The enemy, a tiny virus, not visible by, eye can be anywhere, deceiving us, hiding inside the sinus cavity of some ordinary person engaged in his/her routine activities like commuting to the office/place of business or education, purchasing grocery, clothes or gadgets, travelling etc.

Thirdly, although the enemy is not very lethal, it is new and no vaccine is available for it as of now. So, even if it is detected, the treatment is doubtful.

Fourthly, it is contagious and spreads very fast. The speed of its spread is really very fast, perhaps beyond our imagination. Touching a  door knob of a lift or cab or bus or train , the screen of your mobile, the fruit/vegetable or grocery  you purchased from a departmental store or opening a package received through a courier are enough for the virus to go inside your sinus cavity and then making you a virus factory producing and spreading the virus everywhere. 

Fifthly, this unique war is being fought by all the nations of the globe at one side and virus on the other side. The entire human race is in danger. We have temporarily forgotten our differences and become a team. This team has got China/ Russia & America, India & Pakistan, Iran & Iraq, Israel & Palestine at equal ground not opposite each other.

East & west, right & left, husband & wife, boss & subordinate, client and business person are not business rival now, they are one team. This is the state of yog(a)- the best possible state possible where the flow is through neutral sushumna nadi in place of ida & pingala (positive & negative).

But this is the state of death also. the enemy is smart and killed many of our most vulnerable assets- ‘the old people with medical conditions’.

Is the sacrifice made by old generation is enough or enemy will be able to claim substantial young & healthy lives too? How long will this war last?

Whosoever will survive this war, will be a part of new generation with stronger immune system and smarter ways of living life and doing business. After all we learn from our mistakes.