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Mother’s desire

Civilians often mockery army personels for their sense of obedience. Example of casabyanka is quoted as the weakness of faujis.

Whatever instruction is given to the army personel, is has to be executed without any delay. Delays can be fatal. Action is important. They don’t question or analyse the verbal (not written) orders given to them by superior. Rather they are trained to act immediately on the ‘word of command’.

 On the face of it, it may look funny, but if you analyse deeply, this type of philosophy has got a great meaning. Compare it with the favourite dish prepared by your mother. For an outsider or any other person, it is just a food item which may or may not be liked by him/her. S(he) will analyse it based on his/her experiences and expectations and then express his/her final verdict about that item. But we don’t go into this rigmarole alltogather when it’s our mother’s preparation. Rather we are delighted and see mother’s love in her creation. While other person wills critisise the dish for its shortcomings/limitations, we ignore this; we don’t focus on its limitation at all. In spite of its limitations, we consider it the best dish on earth. It is a decision taken out of love and gratitude towards our mother without analyzing or judging its quality.

A true soldier is also filled with similar sentiments toawards his/her motherland and do not analyse or judge anything given to him/her. Whatever is given to him/her to eat/sleep or to fulfill the basic need, s(he) accept it volunteerly with gratitude. Instruction given to him/her by his/her superior is taken as mother(land)’s desire.  S(he) does everything to honour it irrespective of circumstances. In doing so, his/her actions may sometime appear silly or foolish to others from outside.

The soldier is always satisfied irrespective of external environment around him/her. What others see as hardships; those situations are not felt bad by him/her. Life is still beautiful for him/her. But you have to be a fauji to realize feel it.

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