MindYourBusyNess: Enlightenment on Diwali

Enlightenment on Diwali

Diwali or Deepawali is celebrated as the festival of Light in India & many other places. People light their homes/offices &marketplaces.

The word ‘light’ has got one more meaning associated with it. Being light also means shedding (unwanted) burden and free-up some space from the burden of heaviness. Most of us attempt or consider it with our bodies by way of diet and exercise programs. Diwali is the time of reassuring this commitment to your favorite program.
In fact, this process should be extended to our homes also. Over the period of one year, we accumulate so much stuff that a ritual to consider ways to make our home lighter is needed and Diwali offers an opportunity for this. Let us review our inventory of our wardrobes, shoe-racks, drawers and storehouse. Discard the unwanted items in a respectful manner not causing environmental issues. If these can be of use to someone else, consider these for joy of giving for a healthier society.
Can we use the same process for ‘being light’ for our minds to shed off some burden?
Well, this will be the real enlightenment.

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