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New generation

Our body is made up of many tiny body cells, which are building blocks of life. We are just a combination of this smallest form of living entities.
Not only person but individual cells live & die. The lifespan of some type of cells is just few days. The maximum life of any body cells is 7 years. This includes the cells of our brain also.
If that is the case, then we should completely change after every 7 years of our birth.
But we all know it doesn’t happen that way. It is a known fact that some portion of a person does not change with time. Some part of behaviour pattern and attitude of a person remains unchanged even through complete life time. In fact (s)he is known by these signature patterns.
Moreover, most of the old recordings in the mind do not vanish. These are available for play through appropriate triggers even after 50 years or even more.
How does this miracle take place?
The answer lies in the varying degree of lifespan of different cells. When a new cell is born, it inherits the basic tendencies from the cells around it and learns the behaviour pattern accordingly.
Similarly the cell passes the coded key information before its death to some of the surrounding cells. In case of accidental death, perhaps there is some backup system works as in the case of servers of computer data. Even in the worst circumstances, some loss can be compensated with estimation techniques.
Thus the key values and information is passed from generation to generation and system at macro level remains the same. Thus we are able to retain some of our values even after death.
In this process of evolution, each members of newer generation not only transfer the values and information but it may refine it also.
How wonderful is the process of life?

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