MindYourBusyNess: April 2018


Our five senses (sense of hearing, seeing, touch, smell & taste) continuously load ouor minds with informations about the world around us. We decide our next step(s) to be taken based on the analysis of this information only.
This flow of information is continous and fast. We often get tired to tackle this information flow. It is because we become slave to our habbits, fell prey to market forces and does social adjustments. We also get lost in the web of dumped information in our minds.
We even identify ourselves on the basis of illusion created by the dumped information and conditioning/programing of minds.

To give our minds and bodies some rest and to know the reality, we have to stop dumping this information. This practice is known as ‘Pratyhar’ in yog(a) which is one of the eight limbs of yog(a) defined by Patanjali in ‘yog-sutra’.

Pratyahar also prepare us for the next three stages/limbs of yog(a) –‘Dharana,Dyan & samadhi’ by making the mind pure.