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Miraculous powers

It is often said / believed that yogis and other spiritually awakened persons possess miraculous powers. For a common person, these persons can create wonders, similar to the work of a magician.

But there is a great difference between a magician and a spritualy awakend person. The magician ceates illusion in the eye of a common person and makes him/her belive for short duration under a devised setup that wonders are being performed by him. He does this for maoney as a profession.

On the other hand spritualy awakend persons can actually perform actions which are beyond the capability of an ordinary human body. He doesn’t do it to prove that he can do it but just spontaneous actions on the demand of situations.

 To understand this, let us consider paralance from telephony.Landline phone are the first generation phones. These were limited to a physical connection line or wire to operate.The user has to be on a particular location only to use the instrument/device.The limitation of location was overcomed in second generation mobile phones. This was donre by establishing wireless connection from device to base tower & a network of base towers for seamless shift of signal between the towers. The phone instrument, this way, became location independent.

The spritualy awakend persons are also, in the same way, second generation persons. They are (physical) body independent. Their powers are not bound to their bodies only and they can go beyond it.

Does that mean they can do anything?
Well, they have their limitations like the second generation telephone sets. After all they are human being like me & you. Just few shades better than us or ahead of us in the process of evolution.

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