MindYourBusyNess: Yog(a) : realization of team work

Yog(a) : realization of team work

If we look at the world's civilizations broadly, then a division is clearly visible. On one hand, there is a system in the countries like US and most of Western countries, where everything is tested on the basis of logic and science and very much importance is given to the person's actions and its consequences. On the other hand, there are civilization of India and other Eastern countries, where the system is based on belief, keeping faith and spiritual vision which gives greater importance to the concepts and feelings.
Often question is raised as to which one out of these two systems is better. Due to this comparison, often spirituality is considered as working against the logic and belief system working against the science.
Like the division of civilizations, our personality is also divided. On the one hand, our physical body, which gives karma based results, on the other hand there is spirit or soul which is an intangible entity.
At the core of this division is the human mind still a mystery to solve. According to the Nobel Prize  Winner 'Split Brain Theory' our brain is made of two hemispheres with ‘corpus callosum’ connecting  these two. These two parts of mind, though mirror images of each other physically, work differently.
 Where the left part, the analytical mind, performs calculations based on logic and words, the right part, the intuitive mind, works creatively or holistically based on picture and sound inputs.
Each part of the brain tends to work together in the decision making process.The overall intelligence  gathered by these two halves is the combined information of the mind.
 On the same logic, we should understand that logical and intuitional approaches does not work against
 each other but does a team work together as complimentary parts of same process.

  Yog(a) teaches us the art of watching the two forces of our mind in a non attached manner. The vision of a yogi is complete and unbiased. He enjoys events of his/her life as watching an interesting movie .On the contrary, the common man often keeps trapped in the vortex of life's ups and downs due to keeping a one sided or biased view.

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