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Best judge

We often become judgmental for others. In that process, we criticize and give advice to others. Our criticism and advice is rarely effective in any positive way. But it generally starts a chain reaction series of negative thoughts and actions.

What about self?

How often we judge our own actions and thoughts?

We normally take a safe approach of depending on the views of others when it comes to judging ourselves. The advantage of this approach is that we can conveniently blame others, if any unwanted thing happens later.

Some may argue that it is better to take the advice of ‘experts of the subject’. It is true that professionals are the expert & knowledgeable people of their field, but it is us who ought to decide that the experts advice is needed or not in a particular situation.

My personal advice (you are free to ignore) in this matter is that experts’ advice should be considered in serious problems and extraordinary circumstances and not in day to day affairs.

You may take opinion of best professionals in the field but he/she remains a consultant.

He/she is blind to many aspects. It is you who knows best about your limitations /compulsions, aspirations, preferences & expectations. It is only you who can place the offered advice in proper prospective in context of your overall life.

We rarely give ‘power of attorney’ in our business. We generally outsource work but retain ‘decision making powers’ with us only. The same principle is valid in personal life also.

It is us who have to bear the responsibility of our actions and decisions ultimately. So we should be putting our best possible efforts and ‘mind powers’ and be ready to face the consequences.

Self reliance helps us to live with dignity.

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