MindYourBusyNess: Details


Have you ever noticed the decision making process while a photographer takes a shot or experienced this yourself? There two opposite issues which are to be balanced- the ‘details’ & ‘depth’. If you want too many details, you have to compromise on depth. If you want to increase the depth of field of your frame then you have to sacrifice some of the details. The issues themselves are poles apart in their nature, yet complementary for the whole picture. To strike a balance between the two is an art which has to learnt through experience and training. Giving undue importance to one aspect will through the photograph to ordinary or sub standard category while sensible blend will make it a memorable photograph or even masterpiece. This is also true for the working of our mind. If we fill our mind with too many details/ideas, we are not able to do justice with any one of the items. On the other hand, if we focus on a very small issue we are almost cut off from the surroundings and the harmony is disturbed. There are no fixed formulas or solution to deal this issue. It is also a matter of taste and inclination of individual. It is like putting eatables on your plate from a buffet meal. Each individual exercises his/her choices to gain maximum satisfaction. For a verity of reasons some of us become victims of either overeating or starvation. Greed and fear are the underlying feelings in such cases. The key is having a realistic assessment of our capability & needs and putting the items accordingly –be it our stomach or head.

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