MindYourBusyNess: 2012


In the design phase of a machine, the designer takes care of all possible use of that machine and incorporates built in mechanism for protection from any misuse. But this experiment is done inside the confined walls of laboratory and effectiveness is limited to the knowledge & skills of the designer. When the machine is put into use in real world environment (out of the laboratory), at times, it get subjected to misuse by hostile circumstances. An intelligent and aware user can minimize this misuse by adhering to proper maintenance practices. These practices often forms part of the usage routine. However, under pressures of workload, these get neglected. A prolonged negligence will limit the capability of the machine and may lead to critical situation which may compel emergency attention and unwarranted expenses.
The method and periodicity of the maintenance is not important so much, as the consistency of its use. The consistence maintenance practice gives better pay offs. The same principles of maintenance are applicable to our body too. For example personal hygiene is a common maintenance practice in use. It is done in different forms and up to different extents in different sets of cultures & work environments.
A very common part of such practice is taking daily bath. If it is used by a healthy person, his/her chances of remaining healthy improves manifold. It is not important that the bath is taken with hot water or cold water or what soap is used for it. The user is the best judge for such details. The important thing is that it is followed regularly.(occasional omissions may be acceptable if one is too tired to do it or the facility does not exists in the work environment).The problem creeps up when long spells of non practice are there due to laziness or any other reason. The small amount of dust/dirt which is washed away on daily basis starts accumulating on the body and may attract more dirt. It may also become a breeding ground for harmful agents. There are fair chances that the negligence may convert to a medical problem after several days/months/years
The point here is that regular practice of some simple methods by an aware user of the body/mind machine can help tremendously in the maintenance of health of the system. Even the methods may appear very trivial on the face of it; a consistence practice makes the life easy.
The routine maintenance practices also give us opportunity to personalize, adjust or customize our body/mind instrument. You may have noticed a guitar player adjusting the strings of his/her guitar before every use. This is done to ensure that the strings are neither too loose that these will not produce the required sound nor these are too tight that these will break on use. A matured guitar player will fine tune the tightness of strings further as per his/her liking for the type of songs which he/she has decided to play. Similarly, we, as the owners of our body/mind instruments are the right persons to fine tune this wonderful gift from nature to us.  


It is possible to predict the future actions by the analysis of past actions but it cannot be done with absolute accuracy. The element of uncertainty is always there which makes the life interesting. This uncertainty can be taken as a ‘hope against all odds’ to survive. We do get (pleasant or unpleasant) surprises due to this. A 100% correct prediction of behavior of a system is possible theoretically in machine only not in human beings. There also, it is based on the assumptions that the forces acting on it (the environment) will not change. In case of human being there are forces which suddenly come to action from a dormant state. A simple trigger can activate a very powerful force which can affect the course of future actions dramatically.

But it is also true that whatever is being executed by the body is scripted in mind much before it is executed. The body acts on command which is issued by the mind. All our actions are triggered by a command from mind which is generally a portion of a larger group/chain of commands stored for execution.

So why everything that comes to our mind does not turn into reality? There are reasons for this-

1. Individual limitations – Every individual has got potential to act according to his/her desires. But what happens when action of one person will harm the freedom of others? So the society restricts our actions to a great extent through the framework of written/unwritten rules. Compare this with the governance of a democratic country. Every citizen has got the potential to become the head of state but at one time only ONE holds the post. Similarly a shareholder of any company has the potential of decision making for that company but there are many others too, so his/her powers are curtailed dramatically.

2. Combined effect- Normally in the active memory of a running computer system there are several software program work simultaneously. Same is the case with human mind where several thought patterns are active at one time. Due to this situation there are two possibility which works against the very purpose of the thought patterns -‘transforming it to action’. Firstly result of some thought pattern may negate the effect of other. We do have conflicting thought patterns operating in our mind so the result achieved is a overall or combined effect of all these. Secondly there are notorious thought patterns which grab the unfair portion of our attention and become active most of the time thus denying many other genuine thought patterns to become active. In the worst case there are some thought pattern which destroy/overwrite the contents of commands (waiting to be executed) written by other thought patterns. Compare it with the working of virus & destructive software programs in a computer system. But this capability of our system of rewriting the script (commands waiting for execution) is very helpful in the case of emergency and incase of sincere ‘change of mind’ before the thought pattern is executed.

Since there is always an element of uncertainty attached with future and there is also an uncertainty about the transformation of all desires of an individual, we should learn to live in uncertainty to some extent. I am not suggesting that we do not plan or calculate to achieve our selected goals. We should be ready to accept and embrace the changes in our lives.

Change is the only constant in this dynamic world (Will this statement ever change?).


Have you ever noticed the decision making process while a photographer takes a shot or experienced this yourself? There two opposite issues which are to be balanced- the ‘details’ & ‘depth’. If you want too many details, you have to compromise on depth. If you want to increase the depth of field of your frame then you have to sacrifice some of the details. The issues themselves are poles apart in their nature, yet complementary for the whole picture. To strike a balance between the two is an art which has to learnt through experience and training. Giving undue importance to one aspect will through the photograph to ordinary or sub standard category while sensible blend will make it a memorable photograph or even masterpiece. This is also true for the working of our mind. If we fill our mind with too many details/ideas, we are not able to do justice with any one of the items. On the other hand, if we focus on a very small issue we are almost cut off from the surroundings and the harmony is disturbed. There are no fixed formulas or solution to deal this issue. It is also a matter of taste and inclination of individual. It is like putting eatables on your plate from a buffet meal. Each individual exercises his/her choices to gain maximum satisfaction. For a verity of reasons some of us become victims of either overeating or starvation. Greed and fear are the underlying feelings in such cases. The key is having a realistic assessment of our capability & needs and putting the items accordingly –be it our stomach or head.