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Short cut

Whenever I have a choice to travel between A congested, crowded, uneven & unorganized road where less distance is to be travelled & An open, wide, smooth, organized & well maintained road where little more distance is to be travelled I mostly prefer the later one. I feel I save fuel & time by exercising my choice where I have to drive on high gears & face lesser obstructions and apply fewer brakes. But one of my dear friends will select the other choice mostly in similar situation & paradoxically for almost the same reasons. He also feels that he saves fuel & time that way due to travel less distance. Logically both the point of views has substance & merit. In real terms we cannot take for granted that any one of the view point will always be economic. The circumstances (traffic & road conditions etc) are dynamical in nature. In absolute terms sometime I and sometime my friend will be economical. Although both the viewpoints seem opposite, one needs not to prove the other as wrong approach. Both of us can happily co exist, enjoy and still laugh at each other (In place of fighting with each other). Similarly in any family or society you will find two types of persons- Conservatives -paying more importance to traditions, proven techniques and safe methods. Modern- paying more importance to trials, new techniques and risk taking methods. To keep our family/society in a healthy state, we must allow each of its members the freedom to exercise his/her choices of adapting any viewpoint –modern or conservative. When only one biased view is forced upon on most of its members without caring about their choices, the society heads s for disaster sooner or later. Image -courtesy freedigitalphotos.net

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