MindYourBusyNess: Entrepreneur instinct

Entrepreneur instinct

What do you think about your ideal life? A happy family, fat salary cheque every week/ month, manageable relationships & lot of fun. If you think on these lines you are probably one of the billions others in this world. Thinking on these lines is very common phenomenon. We all cherish to live in our comfort zones, it is a healthy reaction. But some of us think on another set of lines. In place of imagining themselves as an employee, they dream of becoming the employer. In place of receiving the salary cheque they think of signing the salary cheques to many others. They carry an idea, a wish to develop a new organization based on new principles discovered by them in their sphere of chosen work. Their philosophy & view point is like a gardener who choose to take care of little plants whose fruits will be enjoyed by others probably years after his/her dedicated care & service to protect & grow the plant to a big tree. They enjoy true joy of giving/serving others. They have vision & patience. These people ate just like me and you. Either due to circumstances or voluntarily they have become a medium to develop the entrepreneur instinct in them which is a rare commodity. It requires lot of energy to keep this instinct alive on the face of odds in life. Do you know someone like this? Or are you yourself resemble this description? If you have seen this instinct anywhere, please don’t let it die. Support by whatever means you can. Your drop of support can be the contributing factor of making the big sea tomorrow.

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