MindYourBusyNess: April 2011


Have you thought as to why some brands of commodities are most sought after than others? It may not be only because the producer of that brand has spent large amount of money on aggressive marketing .It is also because these brands matched the expectations by clients and customers in a much better way/degree than others. Same is true for us as human being. In today’s fast moving society, we even make and break all types of relationships based on the brand image a person carries with him/her. The relationship may be formal or casual, official or unofficial, social or personal, intimate or mere acquaintance, but we do look for brands of persons too. If others spent time on you, they must get the value for that. It is not the celebrities or superstars alone which have brand images. You, me and everyone do have a brand image. The only difference is that the celebrities have a team of experts to create & maintain it while an ordinary person have to do it all by himself/herself. We have to constantly create and maintain our brand image which is dynamic and fragile. Earning reputation or faith is not very easy. It takes years of work. And just one action or sentence can make unrepairable dent on its shining surface. Do you invest some time and effort to create and refine your brand image? If you have never considered this ,do it now before it is too late.