MindYourBusyNess: 2011

Entrepreneur instinct

What do you think about your ideal life? A happy family, fat salary cheque every week/ month, manageable relationships & lot of fun. If you think on these lines you are probably one of the billions others in this world. Thinking on these lines is very common phenomenon. We all cherish to live in our comfort zones, it is a healthy reaction. But some of us think on another set of lines. In place of imagining themselves as an employee, they dream of becoming the employer. In place of receiving the salary cheque they think of signing the salary cheques to many others. They carry an idea, a wish to develop a new organization based on new principles discovered by them in their sphere of chosen work. Their philosophy & view point is like a gardener who choose to take care of little plants whose fruits will be enjoyed by others probably years after his/her dedicated care & service to protect & grow the plant to a big tree. They enjoy true joy of giving/serving others. They have vision & patience. These people ate just like me and you. Either due to circumstances or voluntarily they have become a medium to develop the entrepreneur instinct in them which is a rare commodity. It requires lot of energy to keep this instinct alive on the face of odds in life. Do you know someone like this? Or are you yourself resemble this description? If you have seen this instinct anywhere, please don’t let it die. Support by whatever means you can. Your drop of support can be the contributing factor of making the big sea tomorrow.

Short cut

Whenever I have a choice to travel between A congested, crowded, uneven & unorganized road where less distance is to be travelled & An open, wide, smooth, organized & well maintained road where little more distance is to be travelled I mostly prefer the later one. I feel I save fuel & time by exercising my choice where I have to drive on high gears & face lesser obstructions and apply fewer brakes. But one of my dear friends will select the other choice mostly in similar situation & paradoxically for almost the same reasons. He also feels that he saves fuel & time that way due to travel less distance. Logically both the point of views has substance & merit. In real terms we cannot take for granted that any one of the view point will always be economic. The circumstances (traffic & road conditions etc) are dynamical in nature. In absolute terms sometime I and sometime my friend will be economical. Although both the viewpoints seem opposite, one needs not to prove the other as wrong approach. Both of us can happily co exist, enjoy and still laugh at each other (In place of fighting with each other). Similarly in any family or society you will find two types of persons- Conservatives -paying more importance to traditions, proven techniques and safe methods. Modern- paying more importance to trials, new techniques and risk taking methods. To keep our family/society in a healthy state, we must allow each of its members the freedom to exercise his/her choices of adapting any viewpoint –modern or conservative. When only one biased view is forced upon on most of its members without caring about their choices, the society heads s for disaster sooner or later. Image -courtesy freedigitalphotos.net


Have you thought as to why some brands of commodities are most sought after than others? It may not be only because the producer of that brand has spent large amount of money on aggressive marketing .It is also because these brands matched the expectations by clients and customers in a much better way/degree than others. Same is true for us as human being. In today’s fast moving society, we even make and break all types of relationships based on the brand image a person carries with him/her. The relationship may be formal or casual, official or unofficial, social or personal, intimate or mere acquaintance, but we do look for brands of persons too. If others spent time on you, they must get the value for that. It is not the celebrities or superstars alone which have brand images. You, me and everyone do have a brand image. The only difference is that the celebrities have a team of experts to create & maintain it while an ordinary person have to do it all by himself/herself. We have to constantly create and maintain our brand image which is dynamic and fragile. Earning reputation or faith is not very easy. It takes years of work. And just one action or sentence can make unrepairable dent on its shining surface. Do you invest some time and effort to create and refine your brand image? If you have never considered this ,do it now before it is too late.

Next step

Long back I was attending a course on mountaineering & trekking. We (me & my course mates) used to read books on the subject matter, discuss theories & techniques, attend lectures & demonstrations and share experiences of great names in mountaineering. Towards the end of the course, we were taken out for a small expedition to a nearby peak of mountain. In the final leg of the expedition, we were taking periodic rest during the climb to the peak. We were exhausted, disturbed & frustrated due to fatigue. As per the customs of the course, during the rest period, students used to ask questions from the instructors. Few people asked questions like , ‘what technique and strategy to be used for the final summit?’, ‘How to plan it? etc. They seemed a bit confused and throwing arguments and counter argument. The accompanying instructor, an old & calm man smiled and told us, ‘I feel, you people are quarrelling on the trivial issues. You have learnt many methods & techniques on mountaineering. Now let me tell you and demonstrate the final tip for using this knowledge/experience.’ He got up on his feet and said, ‘Don’t bother much about the theory part of it. Mountaineering is not as difficult as it appears in the theory. Let me give a demonstration of this. He will then stand up in a comfortable posture on his place and tell us while taking the steps, “lift your left/right leg (the one which is trailing behind) and just put it ahead”. After that he will say,” the next step is to lift your right/left leg and now and put it forward on the ground/hill. That’s all. Isn’t it very simple? I feel the same simple but great principle apply to life also. In this modern information age we get confused with theories, concepts, techniques etc. Engulfed in the heap of information, there is one thing on which we stop taking action. And that is the next pending issue right in front of us. Rather than analysing too much that will paralyse us, it is simple to act,act,act.. and act. Knowledge will come to us in case by way of experience & thoughts. We have several body parts and mind is just one of these .Let us use this instrument in a holistic way. Rather than your chain of thought becoming a barrier in your act, let it support to the extent possible. So what’s your next step?? photo courtesy FreeDigitalPhotos.net