MindYourBusyNess: August 2010


Change is a mega event. It is happening everywhere every moment. We can only have a glimpse of it, according to the capability of our mind and our inclinations. In the vast universe, an individual is just a ‘drop in the ocean’ or a ‘tiny gear in the sprocket of the huge gear train’. Each one of us has got his/her values and position (which are not easy to be surrendered), but same is true for everyone else also. We believe it or not, we value it or not, we comprehend it or not, there is always a system at work behind every change that happens. There is an order even in disorder. Mother Nature is at work always, quietly and for the benefit of all alike, with an unbiased view. Knowing or unknowingly, we change physically, mentally emotionally every moment. We have only limited degree of control over this change. To exercise this control we have to use the power of selection. At any given moment each one of us, irrespective of his/her position or circumstances, has got endless choices. But these are visible only when we look with open mind and innocent heart. Unfortunately we view most of the time with very limited prospective of the mind and with a heart filled with emotions like greed, fear, anger etc. With that posture our view is very limited and available choices appears to be very few. If you are struck in a position where the available choices are very few or one only, try to change your viewing posture. Ask these questions- Is my mind open to (consider) all possibilities? Am I honest and innocent in my heart? It is true that endless choices are available to us all the time but this is equally true that we loose (for that moment) all others choices when we choose one of them. Every time we make a new choice, we are creating a new world for ourselves. The world is changing and getting newer every moment in any case, with or without our contribution. We face new realities every moment, but we fail to accept it. Do participate in the process of evolution, sooner is better because the process is irreversible.
image courtesy freedigitalphotoes