MindYourBusyNess: CHANGE IS LIFE


Life is full of sea-saw motions. In fact the very (biological) definition of life and the difference between live & dead object is based on two such motions or vibrations- -The pump in /pump out motion of the heart, and -The inhale /exhale motion of of breath In the sea-saw type of motion first you travel one side up to a point and then you travel just opposite and this pattern repeat itself continuously. That is what we do all of our lives. Like our heart organ and respiratory system we oscillate between one extreme and other. We run after the objects, persons & positions but when we acquire these, the charm vanishes soon and we start living away from these. We live a disciplined life but after too much of discipline there comes a point where we want to be free at any cost. After availing lot of freedom we start respecting discipline. The opposite poles are the realities of life in every sphere and we can not get rid of one extreme permanently. They are the two faces of the same coin. So when someone suddenly changes the direction at one point of time it is natural not abnormal. Our ‘line of action’ & ‘stream of thoughts’ do take many U-terns in life. The direction in which your efforts are focused now is not much important (for it can also change at some point). It is more important that you feel like a better person after doing all that efforts.

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