MindYourBusyNess: All you need is a burning desire with clarity

All you need is a burning desire with clarity

It is very common to hear the remarks like, ‘if I had money /power / time / position … etc, I would have definitely fulfilled my desire of …..’ You must have wished perhaps many times like that. We all have a never ending list of desires. But very few of these desires have the honor to become reality. We carry the rest in the hope of situation being favorable or accomplishing by the grace of God or by luck. Have you noticed the difference between the desires which becomes the reality and which remains as desire only. One element witch differentiate between these two categories is, ‘clarity’. If we are able to visualize with clarity & minute details, half the battle is won. But many times we are not very clear about what we really want. The picture in the mind is hazy and we are not very much inclined to asses the price to be paid for achieving this desire. The situation is compounded by having many desires which counter each other on some account or other. Such desired are never picked up by us voluntarily unless there is some external force or compulsion. The other important element in this regard is our conviction of that desire being the,’most correct thing to posses’. In other words, we value this desire honestly and sincerely through our value system. Lack of money /power / time / position … etc are the excuses we find to justify our stand to ourselves or others. The simple method of dealing with desires is analyzing these one at a time, starting with most valuable one. Visualize in complete details how will you feel and appear after achieving that desire. If something is disturbing, sort out that. If you feel you are not comfortable in that position drop that desire and pick up next. Once you have identified with clarity your most valuable desire(s), just have faith in yourself to achieve that irrespective of your present circumstances. The universe is changing at a very fast pace and you may event not realize how required money /power / time / position … etc are made available to you by new circumstances. All you need is a burning desire with clarity and a firm belief in yourself nothing else is required. If you have these two qualities, you will acquire the other required ingredients effortlessly. Image -courtesy www.freedigitalphotos.net

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