The border of two states happens to meet (or separate) on a point on the busy road in front of my house. I leisurely watch the flow of traffic from my balcony. One thing I have noticed many times is that people coming from the left side often stop before entering into the boundary of the new state. The car drivers fasten their seat belts while two wheelers riders wear their helmets. After crossing the border they do stop at traffic lights and wait for traffic signals to turn green. The same traffic lights are operating also at the left side also but no one cares for these lights. The sudden change in the behavior of the citizens is a clear indication of of the differences of the law and order situations between the two neighboring states. Although both the states have similar rules, the implementation and sensitivity levels are different in both the states and accordingly these have earned their reputations by people. Peoples are also divided into two similar camps like this. One category,akin to the state on the left side, allows things to happen to them by others. Those people are taken for granted by others. On the other side, there is a category of people where you need to be conscious while talking/dealing with them. They directly or indirectly remind you of your part of obligation, if you cross the limit. They respect and are sensitive to their beliefs/values and cannot be taken lightly. Which category of people you belong to?

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