Icebergs are the huge pieces of natural ice sailing in the sea. 90% portion of iceberg is hidden under water. Only 10 % is visible. In olden days, many boats were damaged by colliding with these structures. That time, sailors often used to underestimate the real size of iceberg by considering the visible portion only. Due to ignorance, they used to think that the piece of ice is very small which will be brushed away on collusion with their huge boats. But in reality, it was their boat which was much smaller in size than the iceberg and accordingly it had to bear the giant force of impact with a very big structure. Human mind is also like iceberg. Only a small portion of it is active or conscious. The main part of it is dormant or unconscious. We often make mistakes like old sailors and consider conscious part only as complete mind. We use our conscious or visible mind to plan, work & calculate. Our perception of things is based on our understanding of systems & logic behind everything. Accordingly we construct machines, buildings, superhighways, spacecraft & computers. But at times, many of us realize that logic doesn’t work. The unexpected happens. Sometime it is our own behavior. After the event has taken place, we can always post mortem and establish the ‘facts’ logically. But in real time we do go through many events which are par logic. Whenever we have a clash between man-made arrangements (like old time boats) and naturally evolved items (like icebergs), the limitations of logic is exposed. We pay the price of ignorance and new insights & techniques are developed. We repeatedly do the mistake of judging the behavior of naturally evolved object/event with the same standards as we apply to man-made objects. The objects/events developed naturally have a vast hidden portion which cannot be viewed by the limited view finder of logic. In fact the beauty of life/nature is its uncertainty about the outcome of events. Life is interesting because the future is unknown. Otherwise it will be mechanical like machines. The elements of hope & fear give us strength to go beyond logic. So don’t get disheartened when calculations fail or logic doesn’t seem to work. Do leave some room for unknown/unexpected results and enjoy this experience also as it comes. Let your life become a fair game not a match already fixed. Let the best player win-it may be your opponent also.

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