Filter and boosters are two very common components of any modern machine. Probably you must have heard about these. Filter is a component that separates and stops something from a flow. We use a tea filter to filter out tea leaves from tea, a dust filter in air conditioner or an air /fuel filter in our cars to filter out unnecessary ingredients from air/fuel. A music system will have an electronic filter to weed out unwanted signals/sound frequencies called noise. The booster, on the other hand, gives support and strength to the item(s) of interest. We take energy booster drinks and use electronic boosters. The TV and phone signal you see is boosted and processed and filtered many times before presenting to your eye/ears. As we have filters & boosters in machines, we also have these components working for us in our daily lives .These may be in form of people, events objects or any other elements. Do you have spirit boosting memories of events, books, movies or persons in your life? It can be your mother, fiance (e), best friend, guru, idol, gazette, important moments or anything which gives you that effect. The presence of these elements is enough, sometimes a mere thought about them. Once you feel connected to them, you are energized. Similarly you may have people, objects and positions which guard and filter your interests and save you from unwanted exposes. These may be your well wishers, family members, subordinate staff, privileges granted to you or objects like garments or house. Filters and boosters have opposite roles to perform. A thoughtful selection of these makes you comfortable depending upon the item(s) of your interest. Are you able to handle these two components to your advantage in your daily lives conveniently? Especially in case of people, there are chances that we employ a filter in place of booster or vice versa. The loss in such a situation is colossal. Your rivals, competitors, enemies may be wearing the mask of your well wishers or friends. Can you clearly identify these two categories of people in your life? It may not be so easy. Find out and love your boosters. Recognize and thank your filters. Identify people working against your interest. Realize their limitations & compulsions. If possible, open an honest dialogue with them at human level. They can be turned to your filters or booster in spite of their professional compulsions. More filters and boosters you have in your systems, more refined is your life.

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