MindYourBusyNess: May 2010


Once during routine check up, my dentist told me that I was damaging my gums myself due to self inflicted brush injuries. Then he explained me the correct brushing technique.

During World War II, there are many cases where soldiers had been punished for creating self inflicted wounds.

These examples shows that at times, either due to ignorance or to escape from the situation, (rather than facing it) we become our own enemy.

As far as ignorance is concern, we have experts and well wishers guiding us. If we are open (minded) for suggestions, we may correct ourselves sooner or later.

But when we use ‘self pity’ as a tool to escape from the situation/scene, it is not a healthy decision. We are taking undue advantages from the system/society.

Have you ever faced similar situation or know someone who is doing that by playing victim to draw attention?

Hurting self may seem an escape route from immediate problems but is not a healthy lifestyle. For sometimes, it may get social acceptance. But it may not be too often and for long time. Persistent attempts may lead to suicidal tendencies and need medical help.

Why people fall in this trap after all? It is because shifting their full attention to the immediate problem(s) and its probable ill effects. Rather than thinking and acting to find solutions to the problems they are entangled in the problems only. The problems are blown out of proportion in the imagination of mind which acts as devil in this case.

What can be done to safeguard against such temptation? It is the realization of insight that ‘problems and situations’ are the part of life. There is no escape route in the life time. Facing and accepting the challenges are the best course of action.

Therefore, never think to hurt your self. Love thyself and enjoy life.


Are you honestly satisfied, 100%, from whatever you have got in your life at this point of time? If the answer to above question is affirmative, than you must be either almighty God or a robot, not human. Life is full of desires. We want to achieve something, make an action plan and execute it. But by the time we reach to our perfect finish point, we find that something else has become the centre our attraction. Once we achieve the item for which we were craving, its glamour vanishes. Perfection is a myth, an illusorily point. We all desperately try to be perfect in our lives as per our definition of it. But when we do something to achieve the perfection, we create new experiences also. These experiences redefine our perception of perfection. The cycle continues…..That’s why life is also called a ‘Journey without destination’. The basis of life is vibration or movement. What distinct a living being from a dead object is its ability to change. Of course, the dead objects also changes, but only under influence of external forces. The living being can choose to change from its present state to a different state. That gives it a power to create a new world. The process of ‘wishing something and trying to achieve it’ is a natural process of our lives. But in this process we create a little imbalance in the system. The system tries to stabilize and adjust to new state. That is how a new world is crated continuously. We are the creator (and destroyer) of our world through our actions and preferences. Once we step in to this world, we come here a small ‘task list’. But before we are able to finish our task list we add more items into it. This list becomes the source of motivation for living the life. Our unique combination of commitments becomes our identity. At any given point of time, we have handful of these commitments/tasks/desires. The list is never empty. But we can exercise our (limited) choice of choosing the commitments. Aligning it to our capabilities/preferences and restricting these with our limitations will make the life simple and enjoyable.