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Mother’s womb is the safest place for anyone in this world. You get all the love and protection that is needed.

Once you leave it, you are exposed to the harsh realties of the world. Fears start setting in.

To counter those fears, we are trained by family/society to use the correct technique to live our lives. Our script is written in our formative years. We are given basic handlers (small how to do it programs for mind) to deal with common problems or issues in our daily lives.

These handlers are based on the expectations or set standards by our society in general and the individuals responsible for our upbringing in particular.

The arrangement works fine till we are confined to the limits of our family / community/ society and performing one of the ‘tailor made jobs’.

But gradually for most of us and suddenly for many, we are exposed to the people who are not of our type. Their logic, their assumptions, their beliefs, their ways of working is different. Some of these may be even at sharp contrast with our beliefs.

This brings the state of confusion to the mind. Questions like these creep up in the mind-

Is it worth changing our way of life?
Was there anything lacking in our way of life?
How to compete/coordinate with others, who are working on different set of beliefs than us?

Following are some suggestions for adapting this new situation in a healthier way -

1. Open to change - When we come across someone doing something in a different way, this is an opportunity to learn. But ‘to avail this opportunity or not?’ is a personal choice. In place of being rigid, we should consider the new way of working with open mind. We should consider and analyze the pros and cons of the new method and then decide deliberately. Theses questions may help in deciding-

-Is new way of working going to bring a significant change in my life?
-Am I willing to pay the price for adopting a new system?
-Will it fit correct in my overall context- my personality, my aspirations and my environment?

Alas, some of us discard or accept the new method without any conscious consideration. Either of this approach in not healthy-

-‘this is not my way, so I don’t pay attention to it’.
- ‘Since this is different and appears better, I must change to it immediately’.

2. No one is perfect-
What we are today is an effort of continuous programming on us. We are programmed by many institutions/ forces –family, society, climate, politics, government, economy, feelings etc. We adopt the ways which suit us most and this process is dynamic. Each one of us is unique. So others have to be different in many ways. It is natural. No one is perfect and no technique is ultimate.

3. Respect for others – We all work on our belief system. This entity is intangible but it works in background. In fact this is the guiding force behind choosing our actions and thoughts. This is applicable to all of us. So we must learn to honor the belief system of others as we honor ours without any judgment attached to it.

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