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Take charge

Life has given us tremendous power ‘to choose’. Each moment we have to choose among the available options. This selection process is influenced by many factors like - financial constrain social concern self esteem habits upbringing comfort level emotions thought process .....etc. We consider everything, optimize our resources, evaluate workable plans and then go for the best solution. But this gifted power of decision making can only benefit us if we exercise it. Many times, we do not use this power and allow things happen to us rather than making things happen by us. This happens mainly on two accounts- 1. Too much considerations –when we have too many considerations, perhaps the processing load is too heavy. In such a situation we take an economical decision- don’t consider at all. In such a situation, conserving the energy of mind is the idea on which we work. 2. Too difficult to judge- When the difference between options is not very clear or we do not have confidence of selecting the best option, we withdraw from the process of selection itself. The idea on which we work in such a case is to avoid the pain/risk/guilt of a wrong decision. On a short term basis the withdrawal from selection process seems economical and comfortable. But on a long term basis it does not prove economical at all. In fact doing this repeatedly forms the habit patterns in our mind and we start withdrawing unknowingly (unconsciously). Then we do not even indulge in simpler decision making process and leave things to happen on external forces. This becomes a vicious circle which should be broken if we are interested to live a happy and healthy life. If you are in similar situation and finding it difficult to actively and consciously decide your next step, following are the suggestions for consideration- 1. Decision making is a natural activity as breathing. But if we do not pay attention and address the small problems in these natural activities, we may gradually slide to a diseased state like asthmatic condition which will require special attention and additional investment of energy and money. 2. You withdraw because some of your bad experience at one point of time in the past. Withdrawal is natural reaction to a bad experience, but you have to come out of it as soon as possible. If you were injured in a road accident for none of your fault, you can not choose to stay away from the road/travel always to avoid the painful memories. This is not a rational and practical decision, though looks a correct decision when you are under the influence of strong feelings. So be a man, grow up and don’t behave like ostrich. 3. If your present state of affairs is not in good shape, it is just result of a many decisions taken in the past. The good news is that you can take better decision now and change the situation. 4. If we do not exercise the power of decision making, we become more vulnerable for manipulation by others. 5. When we consciously participate in decision making rather than running away from it, we develop and grow by facing the challenges thrown in our way by circumstances.

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