Have you noticed the TV Advertisements these days? Look at the quality of the contents and technology support. These compete with the main TV program itself and sometime these are better than that. There is a complete storey and message in these Ads. The only difference is the total duration of these Ads. These are short and sweet. These last for few seconds only. But the short duration is compensated by high frequency. If you watch an hour long TV show, effectively it is just few minutes show which you actually see( excluding the Ads) .But on the other hand, if you see a 40 second Ad, 30 times in a day, it amounts to 20 minutes. The other aspect is there repeativeness . They hammer a point repeatedly and create association with some product in the mind. After sometime, we start using this association unknowingly. And our decision making on critical issues is influenced by this biased association. This aggressive advertisement is not limited to TV only, it is everywhere. On newspapers we read, movies we see, hoardings on roadside, on our mobile & laptop screen, on website we surf, on our emails, blogs , its everywhere. It is an accepted norm in the society. The amount of promotional material keeps on increasing in our lives day by day and our capability to accept it is also increasing. In future, is there a danger of missing the natural materials all together in the life? Will our lives be governed by man made arrangements only with vested interests everywhere? Is there any harm in receiving/accepting promotional material? There is no harm is accepting or receiving promotional material if it is a conscious choice of our free will. But when it is done at unconscious level without our knowledge, it is damaging. When it becomes a habit, it’s more damaging as it works like addiction. If the seeds of promotional material are planted intelligently in the belief system itself, mind accept it as real and we become slave of our own created habits. We need to change our attitude towards handling the promotional material. Those indulged in creating such material should give some free space to customer rather than bombarding his/her mind. On the other hand, those of us, who are receiving this material, should keep themselves smart enough to differentiate between the promotional and natural material and also maintain that smartness. Image -courtesy freedigitalphotos

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