Each one of us is keen to move ahead in life to reach to his/her final destination. We plan and take actions according to our known capabilities and circumstances.

Problem comes when our interests clashes with some one else’s interests. Do we ignore, bypass or run over such a person to keep our way clean?

It is like moving on a road. We have vehicles and pedestrians of different capability and characteristics moving into different directions. But that does not give anyone right to hit the other(s). To ensure equal opportunity to all, there are rules and traditions formed which evolves with time.

If you analyze situations leading to accidents, one factor is found common in all of these. It is that ‘at least one party has disrespect to either the effectiveness of law and order system or co passenger(s)’. Yes, there are accidents due to machine failure or error of judgment, but these are rare and can be avoided by remaining more vigil.

Many times the problem starts with an innocent looking natural thought coming to mind. This thought may be like-

- No harm if I jump this red light, my hurry is justified and no is one around to take notice.
- Wearing helmet or seat belt is a wasteful activity, chances of being caught for these are rare and even if caught, punishment is mild, which I can afford.
- All pedestrian or those having a vehicle with less capabilities create nuisance, have no right to use and spoil the road and hence these deserve to be punished. It is the other party who will loose if I collide, not me.
- I have to reach my destination with timing set in my mind at any cost. At any cost also means, ‘depriving others to have similar facility’.

These harmless looking small thoughts gradually tern into habit pattern and taken for granted. After few trials, if the results of actions on these thoughts are favorable, then we stop even thinking about these trivial matters to save our minds from overloading. This is the dangerous turning point which may lead to an accident situation.

Most of us go through such thoughts sometime or other while on road but normally conscious enough to control these thoughts from becoming a habit pattern.

Similar analogy can be applied to life. The best situation is where each living being is respected and given equal rights to co exist and grow even if we may have difference of opinion with many of them. As we are in hurry to reach to our chosen goals in the journey of life, so is everyone else. Each one of us try move as fast as possible but avoid any chances of collusion with others. Collusion is to be avoided. It is painful and counter productive for all parties involved.

This philosophy is known as path of non violence or ‘AHIMSA’. It has been advocated by many saints and leaders since ancient time. In modern time, it is more relevant. In today’s highly networked society and leverage available due to advanced technology, any small clash can escalate to a war. The danger of total destruction is more real now due to lethal weaponry we have. So the best is to avoid possibility of any clash or collusion, howsoever small it may look.

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