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Taste of life

Time keeps on moving without any brake or rest. In the next moment, present becomes the past and future arrives as present. In place of welcoming this new moment, many times, we get disturbed. This is done by loosing present moment’s beauty in either of these two concerns-  Expectations for future  Worry for the past Both these concerns are natural for human. Past history and future hope is the guide for a healthy decision making and action plan. But when we engage full time for one (or both) of these concerns, the taste of life is spoiled. In the dish of life, the concern for past or future is like spices. The absence of these ingredients will make the dish (life) tasteless. But on the other hand, whatever be the recipe, the amount of spices has to be much lesser than the main course itself. The amounts will very depending upon individual taste, digestion capability and the demand of the recipe. If you are the type of person whose life fluctuate too much due to these spices (concern for past and future), get reminded of two basic facts - 1. The past cannot be un-done in spite of your richness or position now. 2. The future is unknown for everyone –be it powerful or weak. The present moment is a present (gift) given to you by Mother Nature. Enjoy it to the fullest always (in all conditions) and your past and future will align to this happiness. Enjoy the taste of life. Now is the time to start. Yesterday has gone and Tomorrow may never come.

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