MindYourBusyNess: GAME OF LIFE (Part II)


For some activities we play in closed boundaries of family and profession etc where changing team is a rare phenomenon though possible. We change roles with times. Son becomes father /grandfather, employee takes ownership, and friend becomes relative and so on. But number of players in one’s are of influence is limited. This is similar to the setting of game.

In some spheres we can change our position and compete with unlimited players. We gain or loose depending upon matching of our outlook (optimistic or pessimistic) with the reality. WE invest our energies accordingly and keep on changing our outlook .This is similar to the setting of a stock exchange.

As we change our positions with time, so is everyone else. The complete system is dynamic. On every issue there would be normally two extreme/opposite of views by people-be it expert or ignorant. Only time will prove, ‘which one is correct’?

We can learn some tips from our experience of games and stock market and apply to life to make it interesting. Some suggestions are given below in this regard-

1. Others may have different views than yours. They are not your enemies or friends. Learn to respect them. If you are right on some issue, others need not be wrong. Do not discard other’s point of view even it looks silly by your standards.
2. Be a good sport-person. Learn to accept the decision of referee, even it appears wrong. Also learn to accept defeat the same way you accept victory.
3. After the event (match/ transaction) is over, don’t get emotionally attached to it. You have to take new positions according to new game field/ market. The cycle will never end, though the pattern may repeat.
4. If you are hurt by someone, don’t take it personally. He/she is just another player or speculator like you. Forgive him/her and learn from the failures.
5. Try to come over ‘greed and fear’; otherwise you will waste your energies.
6. No one is perfect all the time. It applies to you and your guru also. Whole truth can never be available in the limited view finder of individual mind machine.
7. Only dead does not have capability to change. The beauty of life is its dynamics.
8. Life is series of choices. Invest your energies with care and take positions with due considerations to all available details. At each point of time, you have to choose one of two opposite choices.
9. Each individual is unique. You project your identity/impression in the world by the series of choices you make.
10. Decide on each issue, whether you want to become leader or follower. Leaders live life like passengers of executive class. They have abundance of facilities and attention. They can write their own rules, but are lonely at the top. Followers are the crowd of economy class bound by strict rules and regulations and avail limited facilities. But they have abundance of relationships and emotions.
11. Do participate actively in the game of life unless you are too old to become a judge or too young to just be the spectator.

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