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Taste of life

Time keeps on moving without any brake or rest. In the next moment, present becomes the past and future arrives as present. In place of welcoming this new moment, many times, we get disturbed. This is done by loosing present moment’s beauty in either of these two concerns-  Expectations for future  Worry for the past Both these concerns are natural for human. Past history and future hope is the guide for a healthy decision making and action plan. But when we engage full time for one (or both) of these concerns, the taste of life is spoiled. In the dish of life, the concern for past or future is like spices. The absence of these ingredients will make the dish (life) tasteless. But on the other hand, whatever be the recipe, the amount of spices has to be much lesser than the main course itself. The amounts will very depending upon individual taste, digestion capability and the demand of the recipe. If you are the type of person whose life fluctuate too much due to these spices (concern for past and future), get reminded of two basic facts - 1. The past cannot be un-done in spite of your richness or position now. 2. The future is unknown for everyone –be it powerful or weak. The present moment is a present (gift) given to you by Mother Nature. Enjoy it to the fullest always (in all conditions) and your past and future will align to this happiness. Enjoy the taste of life. Now is the time to start. Yesterday has gone and Tomorrow may never come.


For some activities we play in closed boundaries of family and profession etc where changing team is a rare phenomenon though possible. We change roles with times. Son becomes father /grandfather, employee takes ownership, and friend becomes relative and so on. But number of players in one’s are of influence is limited. This is similar to the setting of game.

In some spheres we can change our position and compete with unlimited players. We gain or loose depending upon matching of our outlook (optimistic or pessimistic) with the reality. WE invest our energies accordingly and keep on changing our outlook .This is similar to the setting of a stock exchange.

As we change our positions with time, so is everyone else. The complete system is dynamic. On every issue there would be normally two extreme/opposite of views by people-be it expert or ignorant. Only time will prove, ‘which one is correct’?

We can learn some tips from our experience of games and stock market and apply to life to make it interesting. Some suggestions are given below in this regard-

1. Others may have different views than yours. They are not your enemies or friends. Learn to respect them. If you are right on some issue, others need not be wrong. Do not discard other’s point of view even it looks silly by your standards.
2. Be a good sport-person. Learn to accept the decision of referee, even it appears wrong. Also learn to accept defeat the same way you accept victory.
3. After the event (match/ transaction) is over, don’t get emotionally attached to it. You have to take new positions according to new game field/ market. The cycle will never end, though the pattern may repeat.
4. If you are hurt by someone, don’t take it personally. He/she is just another player or speculator like you. Forgive him/her and learn from the failures.
5. Try to come over ‘greed and fear’; otherwise you will waste your energies.
6. No one is perfect all the time. It applies to you and your guru also. Whole truth can never be available in the limited view finder of individual mind machine.
7. Only dead does not have capability to change. The beauty of life is its dynamics.
8. Life is series of choices. Invest your energies with care and take positions with due considerations to all available details. At each point of time, you have to choose one of two opposite choices.
9. Each individual is unique. You project your identity/impression in the world by the series of choices you make.
10. Decide on each issue, whether you want to become leader or follower. Leaders live life like passengers of executive class. They have abundance of facilities and attention. They can write their own rules, but are lonely at the top. Followers are the crowd of economy class bound by strict rules and regulations and avail limited facilities. But they have abundance of relationships and emotions.
11. Do participate actively in the game of life unless you are too old to become a judge or too young to just be the spectator.

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Stock market is a place of tremendous activities. The players in this marketplace try to hit the correct price of the stock(s) which is dynamic itself.

It is like players trying to hit the moving ball in the game of football or hockey. All the players of both the teams make moves in anticipation of the correct position of the ball to hit for placing it inside the opponent’s goal- post. The team that has more hits is declared the winner of that match. But the game never ends and players start preparation for the next match.

In the stock market, the two opponent teams are called bulls and bears. Bull is a player who thinks that the price of a stock will move up. He is an optimist. On the contrary bear is pessimist in approach who feels that the price of a stock will go down.

Both the players have their own reasons, analysis and information about the price movement of a stock. The actual price is a combined output of several internal (performance, growth potential, image or goodwill of the company etc) and external (Government policies, economic environment, demand and supply position of the product etc).If the price moves up bulls gets benefited and vice-versa.

In this game the number of players is not limited or fixed. In fact, as the number of players increases, the game becomes more dynamic and interesting. The other noticeable difference is that any player can change or switch the team any time. A bull can decide to play bear and a bear can change his/her outlook and become bull at any point of time.
Then there are brokers who make profit from both the parties in a deal and there are also regulatory bodies to act as referees.

The price keeps on moving up and down (both logical and erratic moves) and there are gainers or losers with every move. The endless cycle goes on making newer highs and lows. There are some big players who can manipulate the price to some extent for a short duration. There are also small investors or traders whose number is the strength and who collectively can also change the direction of market for sometime.

Many people make huge money in stock market with most of their moves. These are two types of people. First category is hard working and knowledgeable people who makes very correct assessment of future. The others are the simple souls who show courage and gamble and get favorable results by chance. The money is made by a set of decisions- buying on low price and selling at high. The timing of these two is very critical.

But most of the people also loose money in stock markets. These are the people operating from fear and greed. They buy and hold stocks due to greed and sell due to fear. And they do not analyze themselves nor gamble boldly (without attachment).There timing is ‘out of sync’. They work on the tips from others. Due to leverages available in the market sometime people loose or gain many times of their actual capability.
Like a playground and stock market, our life is also such platform where we see similar moves and activities. We all take small actions/moves with time which are based on either our analysis or our gamble instincts. Some people are gainers most of the time. They gain physically, financially, emotionally and psychologically. These are considered successful people. Then there is lot of common people. They gain sometime and loose many times. These just miss the perfect timing and keep on learning from there mistakes.

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Fear or faith ?

Future is unknown for everyone. You maybe rich or poor, powerful or meek, V.I.P. or ordinary person, it holds true.

Does that mean, ‘we gamble each time we participate in an event or perform any action in our lives.’

Can we predict or control the outcome of events with 100% accuracy?
Control with 100 % accuracy may only be possible with man-made machines working under controlled atmosphere, not with human working in open atmosphere of vast universe. But we can always maximize it at every point in our lives.
To face the unknown outcome of events of our so called ‘known world’, we have two choices of techniques to adopt-

1. One is the safe approach of operating from fear. In this technique, we limit our actions to minimize losses. We evaluate /calculate every possible action and then concentrate on risk free activities. We keep on excluding the actions where some amount of risk is involved. By adopting this approach, our area of activity shrinks. We start living in our ‘shell’, cut off from the world. To adopt these techniques, you need to be rich in energy and resources. Everyone can not afford this all the time.

2. The other technique is open approach of operating from faith and acceptance. Here we tend to maximize the gains. We treat the outcome of every event as a reward given to us for our actions and enjoy it. The key is accepting what you get despite your likings. Here we expand and grow and can keep pace with nature. Our faith works as a medicine to heal from bitter experiences and helps in keeping us integrated in spite of destructive forces.

We apply one of these techniques depending upon our circumstances and perception of world around us. In ideal circumstances, the technique of operating from faith and acceptance is best. But finding the perfect circumstances is a rare phenomenon. Therefore we generally also make use of the other technique of operating from fear. Sometimes we invest so much energy or resources in using the technique of operating from fear that it becomes counter productive.

If you are in the similar situation and interested in plugging the drains in your resources, it is worth analyzing your perception of fears in your mind on which you are operating. If you are honest in your approach, you may locate some fears which are not relevant in your present situation. Identifying and discarding these will make you free from unnecessary burden.


“A gentleman keeps all his weight on his elbows” It means that man at top has to understand the difference between hard strokes and hurting the partner(s). Then only one can boss around, hit the sleeping partner(s) very hard and still enjoy & let other(s) enjoy.


toy frog This is the age of information and technology. But what does it means to a common person. He/she is dying with information overload. On any aspect/issue there is tons of advise/tips available but the question is, which one is reliable and in my interest? You may be a well informed person and calculate the outcome of events around you precisely. But for how long, and on how many issues? The technology, theories and environment all are changing very fast. As a result, any calculation becomes ineffective very soon. Moreover our mother nature wants the future to be unknown for all of us equally so that life remains interesting. Some of us expect that the life has become a ‘bed of roses’, just because lot of information is easily available today. In my opinion, it is too high and hypothetical conclusion. It is like expecting that you are ruling the democratic country just because you have a right to vote or you own a company just because you hold one of its shares (stocks). No doubt, logically and conceptually, there is a possibility that every citizen with voting rights can become the head of state of a democratic country and every shareholder of a company can decide the policy of that company but the practical realities are different. If you have some rights , so what? Thousands (may be millions) others also have similar rights. As a common person, there are fair chances that what reaches to your ears and eye (projected by experts of market and so called well wishers etc) is much away from absolute reality. Unless you are the best specialist in your subject and consider some issue of your profession sincerely, you may be lost in the jugglery and glamour of the world. The absolute truth seems out of reach for most of us. Therefore, for our day to day issues, we have to make some assumptions to solve the problems of our lives. What we assume is not much important but becomes the basis on which we can work further towards a solution with the information at hand. It is like a question of mathematics for a college student where some facts are known and we have to find out, let us say, income of a person. Now some student will solve with assumption that the income of the person to be 100 $ while others will assume it 1 $ and some may assume it to X $. They all can reach to the same solution. Of course, once a particular assumption has been made, you take it to be true for all further calculations. If you examine the solution of different students, before final conclusion they seem to be heading in different directions. Still, if their effort is honest and sincere, the conclusion is same. Similar event happens with most of us in our daily lives. We have to work on some assumptions or beliefs which are made available to us by our community, society, culture, home or other institutions. These assumptions/ beliefs may not be real or absolute facts. But we have to treat them as real in the interest of solving the problem of our lives. The point to understand is that most of us work on unreal beliefs in our lives. (Only real superman or real yogi can live without unreal beliefs.) We can live with different set of beliefs and reach to same destination. Of course, our working would be different according to our assumptions or beliefs. Problem comes when some of the beliefs do not hold good on the face of changed realties or circumstances of our lives. We sometime become so much attached to our beliefs that get upset on knowing the truth about these. Comparing our beliefs with others or criticizing the system/institution of their origin may not help. What is required at that moment is switching to a better belief system if we can afford/maintain that. It is like changing the software platform of your computer. The mind will configure to the new settings very soon.