MindYourBusyNess: The winning combination (part-I)

The winning combination (part-I)

At any workplace, there are two extreme types of working persons-

Action oriented - One who works on already decided jobs or policies. Work is mostly done on physical level. His/her decision making powers are very limited. He /she are generally referred as worker.

Thought oriented- He/she is the one who takes decision about what is to be done. The work is mostly done on mental level. He /she is generally also labeled as manager /officer / director /commander / leader etc.

Mostly our role is a hybrid of above two extremes. At each point of time, we operate from a role or position which is mixture of these two extremes. Depending upon the ‘task in hand’ we decide what is to be done and what is to be thought (for actions by self or others).

Making a perfect blend of action and thought dynamically (a perfect blend for every situation we encounter in life) is an art. Nature has provided us powers to make perfect combination of action and thought for each unique situation. We can ‘tuning up’ ourselves for all situations in life. But many times our tuning gets disturbed in this regard. And the effect is that we get distorted results, as you get blurry/out of focus pictures from a TV set which is out of tune. Don’t loose heart. It is a common occurrence of human machines. It can be attended and corrected just like you correct your ‘out of tune gadget’ (TV/computer/mobile etc).
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