MindYourBusyNess: War or peace?

War or peace?

is meant for war. It is designed for that purpose. It is a very costly affair because here you don’t want to compromise on any account. You want the best people working with best resources and maintain their best position in worst conditions and motivated to commit the highest sacrifice in the interest of their nation.

The big question before any Head of Nation and his team is ‘how much of the total available resources are to be allocated for this purpose?’ According to their circumstances and understanding, mostly people settle between 4 to 10 % of GDP as an answer to this question. This expenditure otherwise might have been utilized on development /progress of the nation.

We all are peace-loving souls (most of us claims so).Therefore we don’t want wars. (These are thrust upon us as the last painful choice).War is an extraordinary event for any nation and generally it doesn’t last very long in comparison to peaceful living tenure.

So what does army do in the rest of times-when there is no war? Well, the answer is, it prepares for war and the process is known as ‘training’. Training for war means -‘working in simulated conditions of war’. So the soldier always lives his/her life ‘as if there is war-it may be real or simulated. The event of war does not make a material difference to a soldier. In peacetime, some governments utilize their armies in policing or production role.

Regardless of absolute reality we all cherish a strong desire that ‘our army should be the best’. It is like desire by every mother that her son/daughter should be the best in all circumstances. Since it is not possible to compete with everyone else with limited resources in hand, we create an image of our army through propaganda and deception plans (the two big tools used by Adolf Hitler during World War II) and project it to be the best. This image is not real, but for others, sometimes more effective than real itself. It is like an image created by media and business associates of a celebrity, which is not the absolute reality for that person himself/herself. But works for all others, and generate business and money.
The other critical question a nation faces often in its lifetime is, ‘continue to live with problems with other nations or declare a war for one time permanent solution to the problems? Going to war is not an easy solution. It costs lives and money. The after effects are devastating. War means colossal loss to production and development.
Still wars are declared (and sometime undeclared or cold wars are fought with low intensity.)The worst is fear of invisible enemy like terrorism where the threat is common to all nations.

The similar analogy can be found in the life of a healthy person and peaceful citizen. We work in the direction of progress and development (of self in particular and society in general) and also build relationship. We also develop capability to fight others in ourselves and use a portion of energies for this purpose depending upon our mental makeup. Sometimes triggered by some event, provocation or compulsion we decide to fight with some (individual or group) of our friends/acquaintances/relatives.

The critical questions to be analyzed by any individual remain the same-

How much energy to be spent on developing capability to fight others?
When to fight? Are the grounds of fighting with others real and deserves merit?
How often we fight with others? Is it our normal life or the peaceful living prevails most of the time?
Who is the real enemy? What damage it can do to us?
Is any alternative to the fight left unused?
Have you used any deception plan to your advantage?
Is it worth to fight?

These questions are basic questions but sometimes we tend to forget these basics due to hurries and worries of life.

Well, nations can be left to politicians, but what about yourself? Do you handle these questions to lead to a logical conclusion or leave unanswered to be answered by others?

What is your present state? What is your natural state?
Are you a wartime soldier dying to live in peace or a peaceful individual preparing for war?

War and peace are two faces of same coin like life and death. We cannot just focus on one side and completely forget about the other. We live and die in our daily lives with these realities.

Keeping the institution of army alive is the compulsion of our society but we can always turn it to a healthy choice.

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