MindYourBusyNess: VALUABLE


Think of something you like very much. It may be anything –a mobile, laptop, car, house, job, hobby, person etc.

Whatever is the entity in focus, the balance sheet of your relationship with that will show something like this-

• The entity gives you better quality of service than others.
• The operating or maintenance costs of that entity are much lower than others.

This is how we value others.

We look for more value of service and less operating costs. If the value of operating costs is more than the value of service provided, the item is considered useless. (Who is interested in a loss making business?)

Same is true for ‘how others value us’.

Therefore, to become valuable, we have to focus on- improving our quality of work and reducing our own expenses.

In this ever growing and evolving world, this can not be a ‘one time affair’. It has to be a continuous (never ending) effort.

Every moment, we have to think and act to achieve this goal. That is how we evolve and stay in tune with nature- becoming a better worker and reducing the overheads attached to us – (every) next time.

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