• Are your activities easily predictable? • Do you always follow a pre defined route or timing? • Are your preferences very rigid? • Are you strongly biased or allergic to something? If you are a well known person for your subordinates in terms of your behavior or preferences, then watch out! You can be an easy target of manipulation by others. You can be easily given a false impression of reality. Can you remember a scene from any movie/TV show or your experience when the workplace turns to be a picnic ground once it is known that the boss had left and there is no possibility of his/her coming back? I do not mean to say that all subordinates make game plans and try to project them differently. There are plenty of sincere workers and nice souls around. But you as a boss limit your powers by behaving in a fixed manner. Intelligent and occasional use of surprise will give you rich dividends, although it may cost you a bit of comfort. Once it is known to your subordinates that the boss is not easily predictable, their behavior is likely to change. The fear will act like hidden camera(s) placed in reality shows. The knowledge that they can be monitored from unknown angles will do the trick. Although for some determined souls this alone may not be enough. So use the power of surprise, do some unexpected things and see the results.

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