Report means offering facts as collected by you to someone else. In our professional lives, each one of us reports to someone. This holds true even if you hold the top position in your organization or running your business all by yourself. In such a situation ‘someone else’ is replaced by you and one person plays two roles of collecting and receiving the information. Since it is a routine activity for most of us, we take it lightly and due to many compulsions and provocations, the dilution in this ordinary job sets in, sometime unknowingly. The effects of these tiny causes may not be visible to the door immediately and if the tendency is not corrected, it turns into habit and you start following it to remain in your comfort zone. It is like watering a plant. If your water is polluted, than the plant will start weakening and will slip into state of disease from a healthy one. You may not notice the results immediately. Areas more liable to false reporting are those which are difficult to monitor or cross check and where your report is taken for granted. Many of us do not realize the importance of small piece of information given by them which is later used for decision making of our institution for the benefit of all. Decision making in institutions is not based on absolute facts, it is based on facts as brought by means of reports by its contributory members at all levels. Due to hierarchal system of reporting, small dilution at every level/point accumulates to a very large amount. This gives a distorted picture at highest level of hierarchy, which is normally the decision making body. The decision taken on such distorted facts have devastating effects. These lead to lead to framing of impractical rules and policies. There is a saying, ‘You reap what you’. In this context I wish to say that, ‘you or someone else in the family will saw what you reap.’ What can we do to improve the situation? Well, the answer is very simple. Be as honest as possible in your reporting. You may have to take some pains in the process. Whether these pains are worth taking in the larger interests of the community? The decision rests with you. Image -->Pleasure Gait Farms

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