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Aggressive marketing

Technology has given us tremendous power today. With that power, it seems, everyone is busy selling something or other. If you see someone in action, most of the time, either he/she is trying to sell/promoting something to others or tackling others who are promoting /selling something.

There is an old saying ‘everything is allowed in love and war’. Nowadays it appears that it should be modified to ‘everything is allowed in marketing’. (Marketing is the first love for many and a war to win over the competitors.)

We realize it or not, the aggressive marketing hurts us.
Do we swallow this abuse also as accepted norms of society? Do we have to live with it? (After all we are living happily with terrorism, wars, price fluctuations and what not.)

A lot can be done in this regard, if we adopt a healthier prospective towards marketing.
In place of being aggressive in our marketing approach and hurt others, we can take a cool disciplined approach to our marketing jobs. For initiating this change in mindset, some suggestions are given below-

1. Introduce yourself and your motive to the client and wait for his/her choice. If the client is not willing to communicate with you for any reason, honor the free will of client

2. Your job is to informing the client about your services /products. Don’t judge after that. It’s not your job. Act like a player and have ‘sportsman spirit’. Judgment is the job of referee. Honor the referee’s decision even if it appears wrong to you for the larger interest of the game.

3. Sale and promote the products and services for which you are convinced as being genuine. Switching ‘the products you sell’ is not very difficult nowadays. Your immediate commission should not become the sole criterion to choose products. You may turn out to be looser in long term.

4. Don’t exploit client’s ignorance or overload him/her with information. The tactics of confusing or forcing choices may work in some cases but it is not a profitable strategy for all situations.

5. Find the right client. There may be plenty.

………wish you a happy marketing experience in life.

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