MindYourBusyNess: TIME WASTERS


We all have same amount of time at our disposal (24 hours in a day, not a second less or more), still there are some people who are always short of time.

Are you one of them?

Do you repent the wasteful activity you have performed last minute /hour /day /week / month or year?

Time is a great resource available to all of us.
But some of us are not able to use it effectively.

Are there some time wasting activities which we can avoid to manage our time better?

The key for answer to this question lies in our outlook and attitude rather than ‘activity’ itself.
Any activity by itself is not wasteful. It is just a judgment to that act, a label given by us which makes it wasteful or useful.

Suggested below are some reasons/factors which forces us to label some of our actions as time wasters-

Lack of planning – A weak plan or ‘no plan at all’ is a major factor which results in lower satisfaction on realization that it could have been planned in a better way. If you are not paying enough attention to planning part of your schedule, focus on it now.

Lack of faith/confidence – Often we do things for which we are not convinced fully from our hearts. We do these activities just because we go with the crowd /accepted norms. More efforts in such a situation will not give better results. What is required is an analysis of reality and a bit of self-talk to find out what are your real interest /goal / purpose.

Pessimist outlook- You may consider some activity very difficult. But after you have done it, it seems very easy. It is at this point that people with pessimist frame of mind conclude that the time is wasted in that activity. It should be realized here that you became prey to overestimation – an error in judgment. The time in such situation again can be utilized better if you learn and improve the method of your making judgment.

Clarity of purpose - Often we find an activity wasteful (after doing it), when we find some better alternative to that. It normally happens when we have vaguely defined /undefined purpose or commitment. When the goal is clearly defined and it is in focus you do the best actions possible at any point of time. You do not repent later because you do your best at all points of time.

After writing all this, I feel I must take some other theme to write; otherwise this activity itself will become a time waster.

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