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There are two extreme of people in this world-

Easy going- They value security than anything else. They do things which will make them comfortable. There life is normally dull, boring, monotonous and predictable. They create and live in their own world and hence cut off from a large part of reality.

Entrepreneur- They are restless people ready to take on new ventures. They take risk and open another front if they loose on one. They are willing to explore and taste the life with its uncertainties. Their lives are adventures and unpredictable.

In fact a common person is a mixed of these two extreme. On some issues, we tend to play safe while on others we become entrepreneur. Depending upon mood and situation also we change our role.

However each one of us is naturally biased towards one of these extremes. We all have our comfort zones. We leave our comfort zones sometimes on compulsions and sometimes on pure entrepreneur instincts.

If given the choice, will you stay in your comfort zone?

The obvious answer to this question seems to be “Yes, why not”.

But my views on this are different.

I feel we must be aware of our comfort zone and also the risks involved in our profession /job /life /community /society /lifestyle etc.

For routine issues, staying in our comfort zone is recommended but we should also plan adventures attempts on issues which are of special interest to us. We should analyze the amount of risk we can take and accordingly select the entrepreneur venture.
Life is for living to its fullest. I have read a quote about ship which I feel is also applicable to ‘life’-
‘A ship is most safe in its harbor
…..But that’s not the place for which it is designed

Image -courtesy www.freedigitalphotos.net

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