I have two operating systems loaded on my PC. At the time of booting, it flashes a message to choose between either of these. If I do not make any choice within a set time, it selects a predefined one. This is also known as choosing the default.

The process of default is not limited to computers. We also use many default choices in our day to day lives.

For example, if someone doesn’t answer your question, it is fair to decide on his/her behalf, one of these –

• He/she agrees to your proposal
• He/she has got nothing to say
• He/she is not interested in you /your views
• He/she is a deaf person

The concerned person may be still in the decision making mode evaluating various options or his/her mind may be focused on something different. But due to delay in the process, a decision is taken on his/her behalf by the other party. This decision may not be the decision which the concerned person wanted to take.
Therefore the indecision or taking no decision is also a decision but the control passes to the other party .Now the decisions are taken on the convenience or default programming of the other party. And all connected actions are based on these decisions.

Some people think that by delaying a decision, they can get some time to evaluate other options. If this is the case, it is better to communicate the concerned parties that the decision is likely to be delayed so that default decisions are not activated. But the delay should be for reasonable time. No one will wait very long unless you are the final authority on the subject. There may be other things linked to it and the life has to carry on anyway.

Apart from passive default decisions, there can be also active decisions. This is when we take decisions regardless of reality. Such universal decision taken for all situations are our default decisions. Because of these decisions, we take certain aspects for granted and do not apply our mind for analysis.

To give some example –
• A will never want to spend any money regardless of the needs.
• B will always help others regardless his own condition.
• C will always criticize & blame others even without knowing the circumstances/facts.

Our default decisions are deep routed in our sub conscious mind and others label us according to these. In fact, to some extent, your default decisions become your identity. Others often decide about ‘what type of person are you’ on the experience and knowledge of your default decisions.

If you feel that your image is not as you wish to project, there may need to reprogram some of your default decisions. It is not very difficult. All you need to do is ‘examine honestly all your recent decisions on the particular aspect and see if these were balanced decisions on the face of reality’.
If the decisions were one sided, then take a commitment that you will consider the facts before deciding on these aspects. Everything else will fall in place.

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  1. Decesion by default....good one....will definately help me take my decesions in a better way...must read for all..thanks...