When we talk of computer, normally we think of a PC or laptop.
There is another variant of computer which is called a server. (Heard of a mail server, FTP server or domain name server?).
The hardware of a server is not different from an ordinary PC.
But a server machine is much costlier than a PC of similar composition.
What is the difference in these two classes of computers?
The answer lies in two processes through which these machines are designed-
1. Quality control- Server machines go through strict quality control checks.
2. Redundancy-
There is some amount of redundancy incorporated so that backup mechanism is activated at the time a failure to minimize damage.

Because of these two processes servers are more reliable than PC and hence these command a higher price in the market. Of course, there role is different. While PC does the day to day jobs, server provides its services to other servers/PCs on the role it has been configured. Functionally they do the same type of job. Depending upon the requirements; these two machines can be interchanged for their roles.

In fact, the same analogy is applicable to human being also.
Like a PC, most of ordinary people are busy in mundane jobs.
But some extraordinary persons are a ‘class by themselves’. Their names may be Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa or some other name in your locality. The difference is that these people have configured themselves to serve in their chosen field to all other fellow human beings.
They do quality work and they keep on working in any circumstances by using their innovative backup schemes. But they do same type of work as an ordinary person will do- eating, walking, talking playing etc. Yet they have a status of celebrity.

Any one can achieve this position by 3 simple steps-

1. Configure (take an honest commitment) yourself for service of peoples in your area of influence. Choose an area which you like most.
2. Be quality conscious in your work whatever you do.
3. Plan of backup schemes for all type of contingencies and don’t stop your work.

We all crave to become an extra ordinary person, a V.I.P, a celebrity. But how many of us think of these steps?

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