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Have you ever observed how meticulously a series of tests/checks is performed by-

A pilot before take off of an aircraft.
A cashier before starting his/her duties.
An investigating official on assignment.

Well something very important like life or money may be at stake, so the job is to be done faithfully. Thos process is known as inspection.

Inspection is a powerful technique. Its use is not limited to higher positions or specialized jobs only. It can be applied at any level on any type of work. Specialist or gadgets are not always required.
Anyone can adopt this technique in his/her day to day work irrespective of the nature of work.

Given below are 3 steps to perform the process-

Step 1- Identify the scope – The first step is to identify the area of work where you intend applying the process of inspection. Find a critical area of work from your responsibilities. Keep in mind that it is not a mere fault finding exercise or total recheck of what is already done.
Clearly define-
What is the purpose of inspection? What is at stake /risk if the inspection is not done?
Who will do the inspection? Any qualifications required?
It will be performed under what conditions? Any tools/material required for inspection?
How the results and findings will be recorded?

Step2-Make a checklist – The checklist is the key to inspection and a very vital tool for the process. It should be comprehensive and include all contingencies of working conditions. The checklist should be prepared by expert of the subject having enough practical experience (if it is not you).
The tests are normally designed to select or reject some conditions or gauge overall health of the system at work.
For each test to be performed in the checklist define what parameters will be judged, under what condition and how the outcome will be tested.
The success of this process is not really depended on time spent but on the number tests done and the relevance and criticality of those tests.
Keep refining checklist itself. It is a never ending process of improvement. Whenever you find suitable redefine the checklist.

Step 3- perform the inspection- you have to just work on that checklist which is already made and observe/record the results.

Do you find it too theoretical?
Well, I have applied this technique on following events-

Whenever I receive any currency note.
Whenever I sign a document( including filling the on line forms).

I have my checklists ready (stored in the brain) and it takes only a few seconds on the jobs which I perform several times a day. It is a part of my habit and pays good dividends to me. You can also give it a try.
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