MindYourBusyNess: EYE FOR CHANGE


“Change is the only constant in this world” I have read this quote somewhere. I don’t know whether this statement itself will ever change or not but the reality is that we witness changes everywhere around us (If we care to see). But when it comes to participate in the change (to change ourselves or accept the changed reality), most of us are very conservative and slow to do so. Perhaps it is because our training/programming by society that we prefer to maintain status quo or adopt safe approach. Today’s technology driven work environment does not permit us to be very rigid or do pre decided jobs. (Machines are best suited for) You need to be very attentive to assess the changed requirements and understand/accept the changed reality on minute to minute basis. In fact on some specialized jobs like radar operator it is second to second basis. Change does not always means a drastic change .Little actions taken timely can change the outcome of the projects. You need to look for changes. In our day to day life we tend to overlook small changes. In fact most of the objects we encounter on routine basis (your boss, co worker, regular client, your workplace, routine information etc) we do not really look each time ‘as they are’- instead we refer to a stored image in our mind ‘as we thought they were at some point of time’. (And thus we take them for granted) Giving a fresh look each time to routine objects will make you more informed and in a better position to handle these. So why don’t develop an eye for change.

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