On 17th Jun 2009 I started writing this blog as an assignment of ‘On line content writing course’. The first posting ‘About us’ stated the mission statement of the blog. Today after 3 months, at the eve of 25th posting when hit counter have crossed 2K mark, I feel this is the time to consider and discuss once again about the very purpose of this blog. (I intend doing it periodically) Some of the aspects are highlighted below- Target audience - Anyone who works. It may be professional work, business related work or even unpaid work like a housewife. People who are not working currently but it was a part of their life or it is included in their future plan (retired persons, students, unemployed etc.) may also be interested in this blog.(Who is left then?) Focus on techniques – The theme is not specific or affiliated to any particular type of work or industry. It is applicable to any type of work. The focus is to evolve globally applicable techniques for better productivity and work environment. Commercial angle – The main purpose is to share and exchange views and ideas rather than earning money or selling some products indirectly. However, as the traffic will grow some commercial activities will also be taken selectively. My Role - I consider myself as initiator only for this platform. Postings by other writers will also be included so that readers can have versatile contents and views. Guest writers are welcomed to e-mail me their contents.

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