Are you without a job nowadays? • Fallout of recession, • Trying to enter job market first time, • Had to close your business and looking for a job Or whatever may be reason. No doubts, the situation would be difficult. If you don’t have big property or alternate source of income, the situation will be even worse. Management of your liabilities would be a tough exercise daily. Each payment of bill will be leaving a scar. Confused in mind and low in self esteem? Honestly, what are you doing to come out of this situation? More importantly how aggressively are you trying to reverse the cycle of circumstances. Some suggestions are given below. (Beware; mere reading a suggestion will not improve your situation. Action on suggested method or a triggered solution in your mind due to this reading will do the change.) Optimum Use of technology – We are living in a technology driven world today. Mobile phone and internet has made your reach global. But it is available to almost everyone. The catch is its intelligent use. It is not enough to post your CV on one or two job search portals and forget about it. Do some research and try to see the expectations of your possible employers on their websites/ networking forums. Do you fit in this or lacking some skills? Is it possible for you to acquire the required skills? Also make maximum use of search agents provided on job portals. Using appropriate key words and filter will yield better search results than generic ones. Focus on goal- Job search is a tedious work and associated often with unpleasant experiences. It is very common to loose interest unknowingly. The actions are then performed as rituals and attention is diverted to other less important activities. Don’t let your main goal slip out of focus under any circumstance. Widen your network – Social networking was never as easy as it is today. Try to establish contact on social networking sites with people who are in the same boat (job hunters in similar areas).You may gain from their experiences. Also make some friends who are working on the jobs which you want to achieve. You may get very fine tips from these friends. Think about each of your friends, relatives, acquaintances, neighbors etc. Use data of your contacts from email or mobile phone connection. Now shortlist the names that can help you in your job search. Talk to each of these to get the possible help. Persistence- ‘consistent efforts and keeping patience’ is the mantra for success in job search. Don’t let your emotional impulses block your calculated and sincere efforts. Don’t loose hope. Hope is the guiding factor for efforts and only efforts will bring the results.

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