Are you underpaid? Does your designation is lower than your capabilities? If you strongly feel ‘YES’ as an answer to any of above questions, it’s time to talk to your management and asking for a raise. Before that you will have to do some home work. Since it is an important project of your career, the preparation has to be of high quality. Investing appropriate amount of time will pay you better results. Following points will help you to prepare well- Find reasons – There will be reason on the basis of which you have concluded that your present salary/designation is not enough. List all those reasons. Analysis- Analyze all the reasons one by one. Think of other aspects which can come in the discussions with each reason. Can you convince other person on the issues? Drop the reasons which are confusing. Arrange them in order (Most convincing on the top). Evidence- Do you have some evidence for your beliefs/reasons? If the evidence is in the form of a document, keep its copy ready to show it during your discussion. If the evidence is any person, go and talk to him/her. Initiate a discussion on the relevant topic and gauge that the person will support your cause if his/her opinion is taken. Rating – Rate yourself honestly among your co-workers. List your achievements (preferably recent). Think of your skill sets and qualities. Also list your weaknesses and a plan to overcome each. Rehearsal- Rehearsal is an important part of any event. You have to practice enough times to speak up your desire against possible hostile conditions. Take help of your best fiend, colleague or close relative. If none of these is available, use mirror for practice. Once you find yourself competent enough to take on the project, look for an appropriate opportunity for dialogue with the relevant person in your organization (In most cases it will be your boss). Take appointment if required. At the meeting time, remain calm but firmly focused to your mission. The result should be encouraging.

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