A teacher was telling his students, ‘It is our duty to help others.’ One of the student got up and asked, ‘Sir, if we help others (to do their work) then what will they (others) do?’ On the face of it, it looks like a logical question. But life is much more than mere logic. If we view from very narrow and limited prospective and view all others as competitors then helping others looks like a wasteful activity. However, when we think on a broader plane we will realize that helping others is a very fulfilling and refreshing activity. An example of this can be seen in our family, specially where small children are there. Do we not enjoy helping a child in what ever he/she is doing, be it walking, writing, drawing or learning? It is a pleasure and a treat to help the child in any activity. One may say, ‘That’s O.K. with children who need support for living but why this should be applicable to grown ups who are supposed to do their work? But, don’t we help our brother, sister, parent, neighbor, friend or colleague (or anyone else whom we care) when we find them not able to do what they are doing? Sometime they (the other party) are not even aware about our help. We don’t claim credit for that. Our reward is the little smile which we are able to bring to their faces. On the other hand, if we analyze the amount of help one has been getting from others in the life; it will turn out to be a colossal. Can’t you remember the helps you got by others when you lost your way or forgot to bring something or committed a mistake? The secret of fast progress of mankind is because we help each otters in the process of development. Whatever one decides or chooses to do, the society (for which family is the basic unit) is the platform where he keeps on getting opportunities and experiences which becomes ‘means to his/her end’. Due to this social bonding and caring for each other we are able to perform complex tasks in our daily lives easily. For achieving the desired results of our intentions in the life, we are obliged to (so many) others in a society-whether we know them personally or not. The spirit to help others is the driving force behind any invention. All the amenities and privileges of modern time which we are enjoying have been created by those who thought of helping others. We take these things for granted, but imagine if there is no electricity, no vehicle, no computers, and no phones (and so on…), how miserable our life will become. So helping others is a good habit on whatever standard we evaluate it. Isn’t it?

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