As we grow at our workplace, the number of subordinates working under us also increases. We may not be personally interacting with all of these. But these poor souls wait for our instructions and speculate on our moves/intentions. Directly or indirectly the plans, life and career of our subordinates is shaped (or ruined) by our instructions. To harness the synergies of our subordinates as a disciplined workforce, we need to be respected as bosses. Subordinates should see us as a role model and get motivated. What can we do to earn the respect of our subordinates? Given below are some suggestions in this regard - • Be polite –Often we are rude with our subordinates without realizing that. In fact it is treated as accepted behavior generally. Sometimes it is done to confirm or show our authority over them. Some of us develop this rudeness pattern as style and some use it to keep a distance from the subordinates. Whatever is the reason, if you behave rudely with your subordinates, consider being polite- you don’t loose anything but gains are enormous. • Explain to minutest details – Generally we tend to utter our instructions or requirements in short burst. Lot of details is left. Unless your subordinates know mind reading, they will curse you on such encounters. It is a good habit to have patience and explain to the minutest details about our instructions. If you miss out some details, chances are that your subordinates will work on their assumptions not yours. • Insult in private – There are circumstances when we want to hurt the subordinates, to give him/her a jolt to awaken the consciousness. We may have to say or do something insulting. That’s O.k. occasionally, in spite of the above mentioned point about politeness. But remember, if you have to do this, make sure this is done in privacy, not in public/ in presence of others. • Be professional – Deal with them professionally and try avoiding favor-ism. Don’t ever use them. • Human approach to problem –Keep the human angle in mind before making critical decisions. Honor their point of view, howsoever silly it may appear. • Face saving option– If a mistake of subordinate has been detected and he/she realizes it, forgive and forget by giving a face saving option to the concerned person.

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