Krishna’s reporting time for duty is 6 AM. She has to clean the office premises and cook breakfast for her 3 bosses of their choice and serve hot breakfast to each one of them. She remains so busy in her work that she never gets an opportunity to eat her breakfast properly. She just manages to munch few bites along with her work. She has to attend all visitors to the office throughout the day. Since the work schedule of her 3 bosses is different, most of the time one or other boss is available in the office. She is the common secretary for all three of them. She has to prepare lunch and dinner as per the demands of the bosses. Sometimes she has to organize several meeting and events in a day on the instruction of her bosses. All phone calls to the office are mostly attended by her. She works normally up to 11 pm but her reporting time remains same even if she works late night. She has got no weekly off and has not availed any type of leave since she joined the office. She is expected to work in following capacity simultaneously- • Secretary • Chef • Event manager • Manager –admin/housekeeping/ security • PRO • Storekeeper • Peon • Accountant • Governance • Receptionist She is a housewife and happens to be my life partner. I along with our two children boss around in the house. I salute her sincerity and dedication to work. All four of us works for the beautiful organization called ‘OUR FAMILY’ and assumes roles from peon/sweeper to CEO as per the requirement. I am proud to be a part of it.


  1. It is a positive outlook which highlights the value of institution of family.
    I am impressed by the writing and writer.


  2. Good one.
    Keep it up.


  3. An accurate take on a person whose contributions are one of the most neglected things in our lives..
    Great Work!! Kudos!